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Work Cover Hearing Tests

Work Cover Hearing Tests

At the CSTC, we have a WorkCover Approved Audiometric Officer who can complete hearing tests for you.

WorkCover regulations specify that all workers employed in a “prescribed workplace” must undergo audiometric testing (hearing test) within 12 months of commencing work at the prescribed workplace.

A prescribed workplace is defined as a workplace where a worker receives a daily noise dose (8 hr days) of 90dB or its equivalent, or a peak noise exposure of 140dB at any time. Essentially if you work in a noisy environment testing is required.

If you are working in a “prescribed workplace” and want to organise a hearing test please contact your employer and have them send through a FORM 18 providing us with your details and their WorkCover number. For more information they can go onto the WorkCover website at: http://www.workcover.wa.gov.au/

There are two types of WorkCover hearing tests:

Baseline Hearing Test

The baseline test is the worker’s first ever test result registered with WorkCover. There can, therefore, only ever be one baseline test per worker.

Note: You may request in writing a subsequent test annually from your employer.

Subsequent Hearing Test

A subsequent test is any other test result logged with WorkCover following the baseline. Workers are entitled to an annual WorkCover test, and therefore may have many subsequent assessments if they have a long career in high noise environments.

Once your hearing test in completed the results are then logged with WorkCover and kept on their records, and can be referred to if you wish to make a claim for hearing loss down the track.



Booking Days and Times

Hearing tests are conducting first thing on the morning at our facility to allow for the recommended quiet time.

For the next available time slot please contact us on (08) 9358 6501.